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How This Follow-Up Note Could Land You a Job

How to Write a Thank You Note

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How This Follow-Up Note Could Land You a Job

Job hunting is tough—no matter what you do or how you go about it, there are always elements beyond your control. However, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances as an applicant, and most of them are relatively simple. A handwritten thank you note, for example, is a great way to boost your chances of being hired and landing your dream job.


Zig While Others Zag

While a lot of people send thank you emails these days, you can set yourself apart as an applicant by sending the interviewer a handwritten thank you note. Getting something in the mail a couple days later might bring you back to mind, and show that you’re the “above and beyond” kind of employee that everyone wants to have on their team.

When writing the note, be sure to make it easily readable. Having a note that no one can read is kind of like mumbling incoherent ramblings at your interviewer’s face and leaving without explanation. After you write the note, have someone else read over it to make sure that everyone can read it.


Convince Them That You’re a Human

The note should be professional, but it should also sound like a human wrote it. Because, after all, they probably want to hire a human. When drafting the letter, research the company culture and make sure that your note fits it in tone and substance. If you’re applying for a start-up that values t-shirts and beer, you can likely strike a more informal tone. On the other hand, if you’re applying for a job that’s more serious in nature or at a conservative company, you’ll want to stick to more formal word choice and style when writing.

No matter what, be sure to mention the job you’re applying for, the person(s) you met with, and offer your sincere thank you, as well as reiterate your interest in the job itself.

It can also help to mention anything important that came up in your interview or anything that the interviewer expressed personal interest in. Do you and your interviewer share a passion for foster animals or a similar sports team? Mention that at the bottom of the note before mailing it in to reinforce the personal connection and remind your interviewer and prospective employer that you’re likable and easy to work with.


Make it Personal

The final thing to remember when writing your thank-you note is to address it properly. Invest in either some thank you cards (or make your own), postcards or use the traditional envelope method. Address them to your interviewer(s) and the company; include your name and contact information as well.

There will always be competition for jobs, and it’s possible you won’t even be the most qualified applicant; that doesn’t mean you can’t land the job. By sending a handwritten thank you note after your interview, you can reinforce your likability, humanity, and easy-going nature, and make sure that your application is seriously considered. Jobs often go to the person that’s easiest to work with, meaning a thank-you note can be a huge addition to your application and candidacy.

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