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VINALI has you covered for your HEALTHCARE needs

Non-Clinical healthcare professionals are one of the fastest growing needs nationally. Vinali specializes in finding top talent in the areas of Rev Cycle Management, Advance Health Analytics, Healthcare IT and EMR/EHR Delivery. This also includes benefits investigation, PAC, PCC and Collections Professionals.

Revenue Cycle Management
Healthcare IT
Advanced Health Analytics
EMR/HER Deliver
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With an ever expanding corporate landscape and opportunities abounding, your best move might be staying put or moving on to the next challenge in your career progression. Speak with a Vinali team member for a free consultation on what the market is offering someone with your talents.

At Vinali, our goal is to provide talent which can immediately impact your organization. Our team personally screens each candidate to ensure experience, education and cultural fit are in line with your expectations, making sure you are interviewing the right people.