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The Interview Bible


The Interview Bible

It’s important to remember that this is a selling situation. You simply won’t get an offer if you’re too busy showing the interviewer all of your perceived flaws. Instead, you’ll want to convey to the interviewer that you are both qualified and interested.

It is, however, a two-way street. Imagine that your objective in taking an interview is to get the offer so that you’re then able to make a decision on the opportunity afterward. This mindset can take the edge off and show the interviewer that you’re confident in your abilities. And, it’s true, you do have as much say in this as the hiring manager. Making sure the job is right for you is key (even if you’re flat-broke and starting to become mildly concerned).

These imperative tips will get you on the right path and heading towards that glorious first paycheck in no time at all.

Before the Interview


During the Interview


Early in the interview


Finishing the Interview