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Don’t Just find a job, be found for one – Posting Your Resume Online

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Being broke is no fun at all, but searching for a for a job while broke really kicks that special feeling up a notch. It’s the reason staffing companies exist. Posting your resume online can help you make your resume work for you. Here’s how.

Get Specific

If you want to fast track your job search, locate job sites relevant to your profession. If you’re stuck, try searching “[your industry]” and the words “job board”. While there are many job boards, specific niches will give you the best bang for the energy you put in. It never hurts to add to the bigger job boards like Glassdoor, Monster, and Indeed.

Ditch the Bloat

If you think about how much you read on the web in a day, you’ll understand why many employers scan resumes to quickly find the most important information. Suffice to say, not all of your skills are relevant to every position and adding extras may hurt more than it helps. One way to do this is just to have a separate master list of past responsibilities, so tailoring your resume is quick and easy. Cleaning up your resume and developing it for specific job boards optimizes your job hunt and makes you a much more competitive candidate.

Watch Out for Sneaky Formatting Mishaps

Pay attention to the formatting of your resume. Some of the auto-fill programs used by sites like Indeed can butcher your carefully-laid design elements and will often need correction after a document upload.

Make Your Digital Presence Known

After identifying relevant sites and uploading your resume, complete your online profile. Why? Because job sites give priority listing to candidates with completed profiles. Fill in information like your name, contact information, work history, and your best selfie. There’ll also be a section for special skills, certificates you’ve acquired, etc. Again, only add the relevant items. There will be some gray areas like, for instance, your special talent for beating your friends at Cards Against Humanity. It’s your call.

Keep Your Options Open

Hiring professionals peruse online profiles and reach out to candidates they like as this gives them more say on who they’re finding. They want the candidates that fit the niche. Uploading your resume provides countless passive opportunities for professional growth and new employment, even if you aren’t searching for a job. Without it, you’re passed over for roles you’re not aware of because the employer isn’t aware of you.

Finding a new job means making the most of opportunities. Networking, referrals, new relationships. You never know when you’ll need a new position or professional experiences. Job seekers with online resumes are best positioned for new opportunities. Without one, you’re missing out on opportunities for growth and professional advancement; you’re missing out on your future.